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“DAMARC Quality Inspection Services, LLC provides professional quality inspection services to assist our clients in achieving compliance to a host of National and International quality standards.

DAMARC Quality Inspection Services, LLC has it’s own National Board Commissioned Inspectors, Contractors and other professionals situated at strategic locations throughout the world with Corporate Offices located in New Richmond, WI.

Our inspectors have served clients in Dubai, Japan, South Korea, Italy, the United Kingdom, Israel, Mexico and throughout the United States.  Together, our inspectors represent more than 160 years of experience in boiler inspections in all facets of the industry.  We’re proud to employ many U.S. Veterans who began their careers serving our country.  Simply put, DAMARC Quality Inspection Services, LLC employs the finest inspectors in the country who stand ready to work for you!

DAMARC Quality Inspection Services, LLC is the very first Authorized Inspection Agency in the world recognized as such by the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors that is not an insurance company.  We provide the required jurisdictional inspections at a reduced cost to boiler and pressure vessel owners.

We have and use Commissioned Boiler Inspectors to provide an array of third-party inspection services which are vital to the safety of the public.

We offer to provide inspections where the jurisdiction allows and requires those important safety inspections.  We will provide the boiler insurance industry the qualified personnel to help them keep up with the mandatory jurisdictional inspections for their insured clients.

Feel free to visit the National Board website at http://www.nationalboard.org for a list of recognized inspection agencies.

OUR MISSION – “We are dedicated to providing quality assurance inspection services tailored to meet the needs of our clients and the requirements for inspection by the governing jurisdiction.”

˃ Pat Kearney – U.S. Airforce Veteran

˃ Mark Makkonen – U.S. Navy Veteran

˃ Kevin Hindal – U.S. Air Force Veteran

˃ Lee Holmes – U.S. Navy Veteran

˃ Mario Ramirez – U.S. Army Veteran

˃ Michael Rudek – U.S. Army Veteran

˃ Dean Yourchuck, Jr. – U.S. Navy Veteran

> Phillip Miller – U.S. Navy Veteran